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About our practice

Exceptional dental care available every day of the year

About our practice

Exceptional dental care available every day of the year

The Best Dentist in Milton Keynes

We have been providing outstanding dentistry in Milton Keynes for over 40 years, and pride ourselves on our very best standards of patient care.

We are proud to have received over 900 5 star patient reviews via Google Business, making us on the most reviewed dentist in Milton Keynes.

Our practice is one of the most modern in the country, with a near 30 metre long waiting room, double-height ceilings, glass doors, solid marble desk and, of course, cutting-edge equipment.

We have three different types of digital scanner and two state-of-the-art Zeiss microscopes. We also have two CEREC machines on site, as well as superb Ancar dental chairs and German-made handpieces.

These are just some of the reasons why we remain the most popular private dentist in Milton Keynes.

Meet our team of experts

teeth cleaning Milton Keynes by Nur Gilmartin

Mrs Nur Gilmartin

GDC: 5631

Dr Marcus Gilmartin

GDC: 295991

Dr Alison Gilmartin

GDC: 279130

laser gum treatment near me by Dr Morera

Dr Marta Morera

GDC: 268263

Dr Lorenzo Valero

GDC: 265036

milton keynes orthodontist Dr Tzamalas

Dr Konstantinos Tzamalas

GDC: 104523

private milton keynes dentist dr Erkut

Dr Selcuk Erkut

GDC: 274945

teeth whitening in Milton Keynes by Dr Azhar

Dr Gulelala Azhar

GDC: 250175

milton keynes dentist Dr Nartey

Dr David Nartey

GDC: 254975

Invisible braces in Milton Keynes by Dr Kapsazova

Dr Margarita Kapsazova

GDC: 175002

tooth extraction near me by dentist dr Nagra

Dr Jaspal Nagra

GDC: 278618

Milton Keynes teeth whitening dentist near me Dr Marras

Dr Giovanni Marras

GDC: 253205

Dr Aatiqa Khan

GDC: 255528

Dr Viktor Bojkov

GDC: 299209

Dr Solaiman Banuri

GDC: 291682

private dental sedation near me by Dr Deysel

Dr Etienne Deysel

GMC: 4562333

Dr Wing Kit Ricky Wong

GDC: 66712

specialist orthodontist Milton Keynes Dr Xavier

Dr Guilherme M. Xavier

GDC: 228179

Dr Veronica Fratila

GDC: 260848

Dr Max Cooper cosmetic dentist in Milton Keynes

Dr Max Cooper

GDC: 271860

Dr Teodora Dimitrova

GDC: 261527

Dr Hugo Medd

GDC: 298959

Milton Keynes orthodontist near me for Invisalign braces in by Dr Lam

Dr Cordia Lam

GDC: 78948

Dr Kamil Aziz

GDC: 290544

private wisdom tooth removal near me by Dr Morley

Dr Elise Morley

GDC: 291190

teeth aligners in Milton Keynes by Dr Korosh

Dr Korosh

GDC: 108283

Dr Olcay Ocal

GDC: 296919

Dr Shyam Chudasama

GDC: 287677

Dr Noor Al-falahi

GDC: 303138

Dr Alicia Soriano

GDC: 303184

Dr Sohrab Rozimand

GDC: 296648

Dr Jack Wilson

GDC: 297401

Dr Balal Khan one of our Milton Keynes cosmetic dentists

Dr Balal Khan

GDC: 295914

Dr Jamie Sasikumar

GDC: 281239

hygienist near me Simla Baurhoo

Simla Baurhoo

GDC: 284828

Meet our support team

Gemini Forster

Practice Manager and
Qualified Dental Nurse
GDC: 312423

Rhyann Peters

Practice Manager and
Qualified Dental Nurse
GDC: 280909

Rebecca Devonshire

Assistant Manager and
Trainee Dental Nurse

Sam Irtel

Assistant Manager and
Trainee Dental Nurse / Accounts Administrator

Artana Tamaviciute

Senior Qualified Nurse and Decontamination Lead
GDC: 244853

Emily Kennedy

Qualified Dental Nurse and Administrator
GDC: 299601

Molly Langman

Qualified Dental Nurse and
HR Administrator
GDC: 301869

Charlene Pinnock

Qualified Dental Nurse

Sophie Blackie

Qualified Dental Nurse

Maysa Hagedorn

Senior Trainee Dental Nurse

Bruna Maurer

Senior Trainee Dental Nurse

Kolawole Ezekiah Oyedeji

Trainee Dental Nurse

Luiza Chivu

Trainee Dental Nurse

Karolina Jarasiunaite

Trainee Dental Nurse

Carpi Wong

Trainee Dental Nurse

Joseph Miley

Trainee Dental Nurse

Anca Elena

Trainee Dental Nurse

Evgenija Ristovski

Trainee Dental Nurse 

Khushi Maya Gurung Shrestha

Trainee Dental Nurse

Darshan Katechia

Dental Student

Meet our front desk

Richy Agyemang


Asghar Ali


Samantha Chick


Chanise Dalby


Taylor Langston


Adina Lupu


Incila Ocal


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