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Understanding mouth ulcers

We have the expertise to recognise if an ulcer is harmless or a sign of a more serious condition

Understanding mouth ulcers

We have the expertise to recognise if an ulcer is harmless or a sign of a more serious condition

Mouth Ulcers in Milton Keynes

If you’re looking for a highly rated dental practice to assess and advise on mouth ulcers in Milton Keynes, our expert team can help.

All of our dentists have experience and training in spotting ulcers that may be an indication of serious disease. They will be able to either put your mind at ease or guide you on your next steps.

Treatment for mouth ulcers at The Hub Milton Keynes

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What are mouth ulcers?

Ulcers are painful sores that develop inside the mouth. Usually red or yellow in colour, they are generally harmless and disappear within a few days without requiring any further action.

However, ulcers can also be a sign of a serious health condition (such as mouth cancer) and it is important to have them checked if you are in any way concerned. If you have an ulcer that doesn’t resolve itself after about a week, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible.

What are the different types of mouth ulcer?

Traumatic ulcers: These are single ulcers caused by damage within the mouth. This can be as a result of accidentally biting the cheek, a sharp tooth or a poorly fitted dental device.

Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis: This is a common issue among children and young adults, and involves repeated occurrences of mouth ulcers. The cause remains unknown, though the condition is neither contagious nor inherited.

Other ulcers: Infections such as herpes simplex can cause ulcers (primarily in children but also sometimes in older age groups). Other less common viral and bacterial infections can be the source, though these are not very common.

Cancer and mouth ulcers

Mouth cancer can first appear as an ulcer. This is typically a single ulcer that lasts for an extended period of time (usually located on or under the tongue, though it can be elsewhere in the mouth).

Smoking and drinking can significantly increase the risk of developing mouth cancer. These two activities are known to be particularly dangerous when combined together.

Please make an appointment to see a dentist if you have an ulcer that lasts longer than a week.

Mouth ulcers FAQs

You can help minimise the risk of mouth ulcers by:

  • Taking care of your mouth with a good oral hygiene regime
  • Brushing your teeth with a high quality toothbrush (reduces the chance of damage to the mouth)
  • Eating a healthy and varied diet – rich in vitamins A, C and E, and including plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Visiting a dentist or hygienist on a regular basis

Cold sores are painful and contagious blisters that form around or on the lips (as opposed to ulcers which appear inside the mouth).

Although the root cause of the condition is typically the herpes simplex virus, they can be triggered by other factors, including fever, trauma, hormonal changes, sun exposure and emotional distress.

While there is no current cure for cold sores, a doctor can provide prescription treatments to ease their effects. To prevent spreading it to others, remember to keep your hands clean and avoid sharing personal items.

No. Kissing and sharing drinks or utensils will not cause mouth ulcers, since they are not the result of an infection.

Usually no. Most mouth ulcers, although painful, should clear up within a few days on their own.

You should, however, make an appointment to see a dentist if:

  • The ulcer lasts longer than a week
  • You have ulcers that keep recurring
  • You are unwell with other symptoms that you suspect could be related

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