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Overcoming dental fears

Our gentle, understanding approach and superb sedation services can make all the difference for nervous patients

Overcoming dental fears

Our gentle, understanding approach and superb sedation services can make all the difference for nervous patients

Helping Nervous Patients in
Milton Keynes

If you are looking for an empathetic, kind and caring dentist offering gentle dentistry for nervous patients in Milton Keynes, we can help.

All the staff at our highly rated practice are trained and experienced in working with patients who are anxious or have dental phobias. We always put our patients first and will do all we can to make your time with us as comfortable as possible.

Helping nervous patients at The Hub Milton Keynes

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We have a superb team of dentists who are particularly skilled and experienced at treating nervous patients. Please let us know of your concerns in advance and we will make sure you are in the best possible hands.

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Why we’re first choice for nervous patients

Helping nervous dental patients

Approximately 1 in every 10 people avoids going to the dentist because of worry or fear. This anxiety can feel overwhelming and often stems from previous negative experiences in childhood.

It is important that anxiety doesn’t put patients off receiving the dental care that they need or would otherwise like. Many people suffer in discomfort or put up with a smile that they don’t like unnecessarily.

Our experienced team are very adept at treating nervous patients and will go the extra mile to help make them feel at ease. Even with more serious cases, we have developed strategies and alternative options that work for them.

We understand how difficult the condition can be for patients and we’ll take the time to listen to individual concerns so that every visit is as comfortable as possible.

Safe and trusted sedation

For patients who are particularly anxious, we are able to offer excellent sedation services that can be used for many of our treatments. Our IV sedation is only carried out by a GMC registered doctor.

All of our porcedures that are carried out under sedation are designed to be as safe, relaxing and efficient as possible.

If you would like a treatment to be carried out under sedation then please just ask and we will make the necessary arrangements (we require a few days notice).

Please visit our sedation page for further information.

Nervous patients FAQs

Leaving dental issues untreated can allow them to develop into something more serious in future. This is likely to involve even more significant (and expensive) treatment further down the line.

Gum disease can easily develop in people who don’t seek dental treatment quickly enough. In the short-term this can involve localised pain and bad breath, though eventually it can lead to tooth loss.

Oral health is also now understood to be more closely linked to the condition of the rest of the body.

Avoiding going to the dentist can lead to poorer overall health and can also be linked to heart disease, lung disease and lower life expectancy.

Not going to the dentist can also have implications for self-confidence and emotional well-being.

People with discoloured, misshapen or missing teeth can feel embarrassed about how they look and adjust how the speak or smile as a result. This can impact both their professional and social lives.

  • Our team has an excellent reputation for their caring and gentle nature
  • We give specific training to all our staff in helping nervous patients
  • We practice pain-free dentistry wherever possible
  • We listen carefully and always treat patients with respect

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