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Natural-looking dental crowns

With prices starting from just £495

Natural-looking dental crowns

With prices starting from just £495

Dental Crowns in Milton Keynes

If you’re looking for high quality, affordable dental crowns near you in Milton Keynes, the expert team at our highly rated practice can help.

Our cosmetic dentists have excellent experience in restoring and strengthening teeth. They use the latest technology to deliver stunning results in a short period of time.

Dental crowns near me at The Hub

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How much do dental crowns cost?

We always strive to deliver great-looking, high quality results at prices that are as competitively priced as possible. Our consultation and treatment prices are listed below.

Treatment Cost (from)
Cosmetic consultation
Same-day Cerec Emax crowns (posterior)
Same-day Cerec Emax crowns (anterior)
Crowns (bonded)
Crowns (lab fabricated all-ceramic)
Temporary crowns
Precious metal posts for crowns
Carbon fibre posts for crowns

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Meet our dental crown experts

Our exceptional cosmetic dentistry team is highly experienced in delivering stunning results with dental crowns, and use the superb technology we have at the practice to great effect.

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Our treatments and options

At your initial consultation we will check your teeth and advise you of the best options for your smile. Our superb dental crown options include:

High-quality crowns for strength and beauty

A crown is a tooth-shaped covering placed over a weakened or damaged tooth to strengthen and protect it, as well as improve its appearance. When cemented in place, a crown will completely cover the entire visible portion of the tooth, from the gum line up.

Crowns can also be used to provide the visible part of a replacement tooth on top of a dental implant, or to replace old crowns with black lines along their top edge.

Our dental crowns are beautifully crafted and look very natural. They are carefully colour matched to match the rest of your teeth as closely as possible.

The benefits of dental crowns

Quality dental crown options

Our advanced technology allows us to provide a number of exceptional dental crown options. We are able to provide both all-ceramic or bonded crowns, and we also have the capability to create and fit crowns on the same day with our the superb Cerec system.

All of our dental crown options are created and fitted to a very high standard. Your dentist will advise you of the advantages of each type and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your individual case.

0% finance available

Turning the smile of your dreams into reality is easier than you might think. We offer interest-free finance to spread the costs and make your treatment more affordable.

Dental crown FAQs

A crown is an artificial restoration designed to fit over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, giving it strength and protection as well as improving its appearance. It is often referred to as a ‘cap’.

Although the crown itself is artificial, the tooth that it’s protecting still needs looking after. Effective plaque removal is required to help prevent decay and gum disease.

You should therefore follow a good, daily oral health routine. This includes brushing and flossing twice and once per day respectively, paying special attention to the area where the crown joins the gum.

Using an antibacterial mouthwash is also highly recommended.

A post crown comprises of a dental crown and a post that’s inserted down into a tooth’s root canal. It is typically used when the affected tooth has become weakened after root canal treatment.

The post helps provide a more stable and secure foundation for the crown to sit on.

The dentist will first prepare the tooth, creating the best shape for the new crown can sit on. This entails trimming the exterior surface (the same amount as the thickness of the new crown) while still preserving a strong internal core.

They will then take impressions or a scan to ensure an optimum fit. These are passed on to a dental technician, accompanied by the required shade and other details needed for the crafting of the crown.

CEREC is an advanced system that allows new crowns to be created and fitted in just one appointment. It eliminates the need for multiple visits and interim solutions, making your dental journey easier and more efficient.

The procedure comprises of four simple steps:

STEP 1:  A scan of your teeth – quick and comfortable with an intraoral camera

STEP 2:  The modelling of the crown – a digital model is created using data from the scan

STEP 3:  Advanced milling – the digital design transmits to the state-of-the-art milling machine which precisely crafts the crown in a matter of minutes

STEP 4:  Finishing touches – your dentist will check the new crown (adjusting if necessary) before fitting it securely into position

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