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Superb dental bridges

Expertly replacing missing teeth

Superb dental bridges

Expertly replacing missing teeth

Dental Bridges in Milton Keynes

If you’re looking for a highly rated dentist providing superb quality, affordable dental bridges in Milton Keynes, we can help at our state-of-the-art practice.

Our dentists have great skill in replacing missing teeth and will be delighted to help restore your smile.

Dental bridges at The Hub Milton Keynes

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How much do dental bridges cost?

We always strive to deliver great looking, high quality results at prices that are as competitive as possible. Our dental bridge prices are listed below.

Treatment Cost (from) Avg. cost
Fixed bridges (per unit)
Bonded bridges (per unit)
Maryland bridges
Cantilever bridges (per unit)
Temporary bridges
Fibre bonded bridges (per unit)

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Meet our expert dental bridges team

Our dentists are highly skilled and experienced in replacing missing teeth, and have restored the smiles of many patients with our superb dental bridge treatments.

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Our dental bridges options

Restoring smiles with effective tooth replacement

There are a variety of solutions available for people who have lost teeth, including dental bridges, dentures and dental implants. The best option for each individual case is based on several considerations, such as the number of teeth missing and how well the jawbone and nearby teeth are functioning.

Dental bridges are often used for missing teeth cases with up to four teeth missing.

A bridge typically consists of the required number of artificial teeth (called pontics) with dental crowns attached on each side. These support-crowns are fitted onto the two teeth adjacent to the gap.

Alternatively, bridges can be held securely in position by dental implants.

The benefits of dental bridges

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Turning the smile of your dreams into reality is easier than you might think. We offer interest-free finance to spread the costs and make your treatment more affordable.

Dental bridges FAQs

Replacing missing teeth is highly advantageous for a wide range of reasons.

Firstly, it can improve the aesthetics of your smile – a gap between teeth can be unsightly and disrupt symmetry. Having a significant gap between teeth can also lead to other facial changes over time.

The gap can also cause extra stress on the neighbouring teeth as they try to make up for the change in distribution of work. This can result in a misalignment of how your teeth come into contact with each other.

Additionally, food can get lodged in the vacant space, putting neighbouring teeth in danger of both cavities and gum disease.

Although bridges are strong and reliable, dental implants are generally the most secure and long-lasting tooth replacement option. They act as a substitute for the root of a missing tooth, and are attached directly to the jaw bone, providing unbeatable stability.

The implant is capped with a dental crown by means of an abutment, making up the visible part of the newly formed artificial tooth.

Dentures are another way of replacing missing teeth and provide a more cost-effective option. Your dentist will be happy to talk you through the options and advise which will work best for your individual case.

You will need to clean your bridge daily in order to avoid issues such as halitosis and gum disease. You will also have to ensure that the surface underneath the false tooth is kept clean as well.

A normal toothbrush may not be able to reach there, so your dentist will demonstrate how to use a bridge needle or special floss for optimal hygiene.

Great for appearance – and also for those who prefer not to (or can’t) have metal in their mouths.

While these are stronger and better suited to larger spans, they don’t generally have the same high aesthetic level as the all-ceramic option.

Similar to a traditional bridge – but held in position by bonding supporting ‘wings’ to the adjacent teeth, rather than by fitting crowns over them. The advantage of this is that no natural tooth material needs to be removed.

A bridge fitted in place with a crown on just one side, requiring the support of a single natural tooth.

Rather than being supported by neighbouring teeth, these bridges are held in position by the placement of dental implants. This is considered the strongest and most stable type of bridge.

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