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Trusted dental sedation near me

Expert private sedation services for complex cases and nervous patients

Trusted dental sedation near me

Expert private sedation services for complex cases and nervous patients

Dental Sedation in Milton Keynes

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced dental sedation expert in Milton Keynes, we can help at our highly rated, modern practice.

Our sedation services are carried out in the safe hands of Dr Etienne Deysel (GMC number 4562333), a medically qualified General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor.

Dental sedation near me at The Hub

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Meet our dental sedation expert

We are proud to offer the expert sedation services of Dr Etienne Deysel at The Hub.

His comprehensive knowledge and experience as a medical sedationist mean that you can have greater peace of mind before your procedure.

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Dr Etienne Deysel

GMC: 4562333

The advantages of sedation

Safe and trusted sedation

Our sedation service is designed to make your time with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible. It is typically used for complex procedures and for those with dental anxiety, though it can be requested for most treatments where appropriate.

Unlike some practices, our IV sedation is only carried out by a GMC registered doctor. They focus on the task of making you feel comfortable, while allowing the dentist to concentrate on the treatment itself. 

This ensures that our treatments that are carried out under sedation are as safe, relaxing and efficient as possible.

If you would like a treatment to be carried out under sedation then please just ask and we will make the necessary arrangements (we require a few days notice). Patients are often pleasantly surprised at the speed with which we can organise even the most complex procedures under sedation.

Dental fears and phobias

Feeling nervous about dental treatment is extremely common. For many patients their fears can be quite severe and debilitating.

It is important to us that no-one is put off from receiving the dental treatment they need or desire because of anxiety.

Our team is very experienced in looking after patients who are nervous, and will go out of their way to help and make things easier for them. Even in the most severe cases we have built strategies and options to achieve effective solutions.

The environment at the practice is specially designed to help people feel more relaxed. Every patient is unique and we listen carefully to individual requests and needs.

Dental sedation FAQs

The vast majority of patients are suitable for sedation, unless they have certain medical conditions such as severe lung disease, certain heart issues or uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Intravenous sedation is a way of introducing a sedative drug into the bloodstream to make dental surgery easier for patients who have a high level of anxiety.

The drug is typically administered by way of a small plastic tube, known as a cannula, inserted into one of the shallow veins located in the arm or hand. The process is normally quite painless due to the thinness of the cannula and the close proximity of these veins to the skin surface.

This technique produces a soothing, drowsy sensation in the patient. Treatment can then be carried out using the usual local anaesthetic when necessary.

The method is extremely effective for treating patients with anxiety.

Unlike general anaesthetics, IV sedation involves the patient remaining conscious, though extremely relaxed, during the procedure. The potential dangers associated with general anaesthesia are therefore avoided.

Investigation into this field has been extensive. Providing that the sedation is administered by a qualified professional, it has been demonstrated to be remarkably safe.

If you are particularly anxious about needles, you can visit your GP and discuss your concerns. They may advise a special numbing cream that will allow you not to feel any sensation during cannulation.

When you arrive at the practice, please let the receptionist know about your concern and they will inform the Sedationist.

Alternatively, the sedationist can provide a blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen gasses (like the Entonox women employ during labour) to help achieve a more comfortable state prior to placing the cannula.

You will still be able to hear and speak in order to maintain contact with the dentist and sedationist.

Although you will be able to respond to instruction, you will be completely relaxed and not feel any worry or concern. Protective eyewear is put on, often resulting in patients feeling so comfortable that they drift off to sleep during their treatment.

The mouth will be numbed as normal during treatment, though you won’t be aware of this or be able to remember it afterwards. This ensures that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during treatment.

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