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MILTON KEYNES 01980 690326
CAMBRIDGE 01223 363277

Dental Microscopes in Milton Keynes

 As the Largest Private practice in Milton Keynes we have build up a reputation for providing Dental Care to an exceptionally high Standard. 

We have exceptional Facilities including the very latest Digital Microscopes. 

Depending on the case we are able to offer a full range of instrumentation using the latest equipment and techniques. 


We use only the best materials and equipment because this is the easiest way to get the best results for our patients. 

We offer Dental Care 7 days a week, and Sundays have proved to be very popular, especially with those patients who have to take time off work midweek or work in London. 

Microscopes allow us to see very great detail, and this in turn allows us to get great results. 

So for example when trying to see what is going on we can see the smallest fractures and exposures. At the same time we are able to detected minor defects in restorations and fillings.